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Frequently Asked Questions

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It says It's a Big Dog Walk. Does this mean I can't bring my small dog?

We're all about diversity. We love big and small dogs of every gender or breed. We will even accept cats dressed as dogs. If your dog would like to dress as a cat for this event, we are all about that too! The event is Big, not the just the dogs. See you all there!

Does my dog have to be on a lead?

That's a great idea! We don't want you to miss your pooch in the sea of other dogs at the event. Animal control will be present on the day to remind you of what a great idea this is.

Where is it?

Check out our 'Where Is It Happening' page

Is this walk going to have paths accessible for those that are in wheelchairs?- Auckland

Yes, the Waiatarua Reserve is accessible to wheelchairs. Please come early so you can snag one of the nearby carparks.

Is it free?

It sure is! We are relying on sponsorship and donations to run these events! If you would like to help with the smooth running of this event, see the donation section at the bottom of this page.

Will there be food at the event?

We are looking at food options with the council currently. At the very least, we'll organise some delicious morning coffee brews for you all and doggy treats for our pooches.

If I can't bring my own dog to walk, will there be pups there for me to walk? Like from a shelter or something?

We are hopeful that we will have extra dogs to walk for the dogless and dogs for people to adopt. In the meantime, check out Chained Dog's website and get in touch if you would like to adopt, before the event!

Is there sufficient parking in Auckland?

There are a load of side streets and the like around Waiatarua Reserve. We are also looking into organising buses. Help the congestion by sharing a ride with another mate who is keen or walking to the event :)

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Support Us

The Big Dog Walk With Lots of Dogs is a non for profit organisation. We're able to organise this years walk and hopefully future walks with your help. Any donations would be hugely appreciated and go towards making sure the event is as good as it can be!

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor or donating to the event, please contact alicem@withlotsofdogs.com